Lee Brinn recording at FusionBuzz Studios

Lee Brinn recording at FusionBuzz Studios
Lee Brinn, singer /songwriter with BROTHERS is in the recording studio tonight! He’s laying down the first tracks for the band’s upcoming release “Sippin Glass”. It’s a special day indeed! We are super excited to feature Lee’s songs on the first FusionBuzz music project!
Lee is a Hampton Roads musician who began his musical journey playing guitar at age 12 in his hometown of Washington NC. As a member of the Massachusetts based band “Endover” in 1980, he discovered his singer/ songwriter side and began writing songs with the group’s bass player John Houlihan. In 1991 Lee and John formed Rockin’ Horse (Now BROTHERS), a Virginia based blues rock trio with drummer Ron Thornburg. The band featured soulful harmonies from then backup singer Stephen Wood. They achieved moderate success as a bar band throughout Hampton Roads and North Carolina playing originals and blues rock covers. In late 2000 they reformed as the singer songwriter styled group Myerscorner, adding guitarists Joe Mizal and Keith Lynch to fill out the band’s sound. Hampton Roads based fiddle shredder Charlie Austin and Virginia Symphony violinist Jorge Aguirre shared the spotlight with guitarist Keith Lynch as the primary lead instruments of the band. Lee’s current project “Classic” is a collection of songs ranging from delta blues inspired tracks to country blues ballads that he’s written for the newly reformed as BROTHERS featuring original members Lee, John, and Ron. “The songs are fresh and fun to play. Working with Rockin’ Horse again is a dream and with Keith, Larry, McCoy, and Harmonica Joe in the mix, it doesn’t get much better.” ~ Lee Brinn
Lee’s repertoire: folk, blues, country rock, rock, and pop. 

Lee’s guitar sessions are the first for the BROTHERS track “Sippin Glass” being released from FusionBuzz recording studio. The recording studio is currently producing 2 singles to begin streaming in July 2019. Platforms include iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and other stores & streaming services.

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