We fuse gifted artists with new, bold, challenging ideas to create inspired original works. No filters; we encourage drawing outside the lines to capture the essence of every project and bring it to life. ~FusionBuzz


The FusionBuzz core members have developed their professional skill-set and artistic perspective from a combined 35 years of practical hands on experience. Writing, video production, audio recording, and audiovisual editing/production are among their specialties. This kind of involvement and development also translates into an incredibly high level of quality for all of our projects…


By fusing our pros and client’s ideas, we form the creative nucleus needed for producing exceptional products.  FusionBuzz begins every project at the core level, then adds pros, each with their own specific skill-set.  This energy leads to new fresh ideas, infinitely specialized options, speedy analysis,  and ultimately a more comfortable positive work flow. Our product is the sum of all the parts. By making sure that the quality is more prioritized than the pace of work, we ensure that every project is our best!


Are you a gifted artist looking for opportunities? Connect with us to create projects with a variety of other artists from our community, surrounding areas, and beyond.  There are  many types of artistic skills needed, we  choose those pros best suited for each project, ensuring a natural fit with the vision and other artists involved. Fuse with us ~ connect>create!


Have an Idea that we can help you with? Your vision is our mission… As a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or creative visionary, brand success is one of the most basic needs for your survival. We promote client interaction from the start of each project to ensure satisfaction. We never capitalize on the premium quality of our services. We always ensure that our pricing policy is fair enough as to allow startups and adventurers to jump without a second thought!

The Filament

Lee Brinn

Lee Brinn

Founder / Musician / Writer / Videographer

Lee was first introduced to multimedia at age 13 while taking an extra credit “Media Now” class at school. It was there that he first learned to cut film, produce music for live broadcast, and the basics of television production. For him, the fire ignited while making his first film later that year with two classmates. The short film “Led Foot” centered around a struggling rock band and the loss of their lead singer. The project required imagination, team work, and a number of new challenges like writing, acting, video and sound editing. This environment would become his favorite place to be artistically. Today Fusionbuzz Multimedia is where he joins passion with technology to create original works. “It’s fun, fulfilling, and spontaneous” ~ Lee

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"If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it; want to change the world... there's nothing to it."

~ Willy Wonka