Fusionbuzz Music Media LLC

Independent Record Label

The Studio & Label

While vacationing in the Outer Banks, the idea for the name Fusionbuzz came about, representing the “buzz” that comes from making music tracks and films with other artists. The Fusionbuzz studio was designed and built for the purpose of producing those music tracks, films, commercials, and voice over projects going on locally at the time. Home based studios have evolved greatly thanks to developments in digital recording, consequently today’s studio’s are an economical and technological dream come true. The studio began with a request to compose and produce a short film soundtrack for Jake Brinn in late 2017. A two minute credit role track entitled “Ann” was tracked and mastered in the new studio.  It was then that the idea of producing and distributing original music began to take shape. Considering the popularity of streaming services, online publishing, independent releases, and the explosion of original music, it seemed like the natural next step. The studio was officially opened in February 2018 and released it’s first official Spotify single in July of 2019 called “Sippin Glass” by BROTHERS. The independent label, Fusionbuzz Music Media LLC followed on May 2nd, 2020 to promote the BROTHERS single releases and album.

Every collective audiovisual project is cut, edited, and mastered here. Some of the audio project types we produce are soundtracks, music performance recording, and mastering for streaming audio, Vimeo, and broadcast video.

Adobe Audition CC is our preferred digital audio workstation for tracking and mixing audio for video, sound effect design, and streaming musical performance. Adobe Premiere CC is our preferred video editing software. 

Fusionbuzz Record Label