Casey Copeland... Soul Points

Casey Copeland... Soul Points

Casey Copeland, the Hampton Roads based vocalist / multi-instrumentalist sings from the soul.

Every once in a blue note, a song, band, or musician comes along that really makes a difference. We all have our favorites, we all look forward to the next one. Within our working musician communities, the positive impact of another artist is especially powerful, it may change the course of their life forever.  
Casey Copeland
Casey Copeland tracking vocals at Master Sound Studios in Virginia Beach for the upcoming Faithful Kate album “Classic” scheduled for December 2021


Casey Copeland sings on Faithful Kate’s #1 LP. Most musicians can name at least one recording artist that has influenced their writing and playing styles substantially. Then there are those musicians who we are close to, jam with, create with, and who help color our songs, making them sweeter, more meaningful, and more fun to play. They share their gifts in recording studios, stages, house parties, and anywhere else that they’re invited. The magic they make enhances, elevates, and completes our songs. 


Three such artists that Fusionbuzz has had the pleasure of working with are Troy Hedspeth, Elizabeth Terrell, and Casey Copeland. These three musicians have a very special gift and best of all, they share it with countless musicians in the Tidewater area helping their original works to become songs. All three are professional singers, writers, players and all specialize in harmony, yes, that wonderful blending of just the right notes that makes our favorite songs unforgettable. 





The incomparable Casey Copeland… pianist, violinist, vocalist, and vocal instructor. Casey a.k.a. Copelana to her musical family, is a songwriter and performer based in the Tidewater area. Buzz met her through a network of musicians within the Hampton Roads band community while searching for an additional backup vocalist & utility player for the band BROTHERS. The band needed a live performer to help them test their sound for just two shows in 2019. Lee Brinn (singer for Brothers) contacted Casey with the request – “Can you learn these original songs and travel with us to perform a two hour show in a small venue down south for a handful of awesome folks on short notice?” Casey – “Absolutely, sounds fun!” Well, as it turns out, this is just Copelana’s game. Not only did she fill the request for the band, together they turned a handful of great listeners into diehard fans! The soulful, fun vocal stylings Copelana brought to the band’s songs couldn’t have been more in key with their sound. 

Copelana has been working in the studio with the band, Faithful Kate, to complete their first LB, CLASSIC, and will perform live with them to support the upcoming album. The FusionBuzz label couldn’t be more excited to feature Casey on this project. The band’s singer, Lee Brinn – “I can’t overstate Casey’s ability to emotionally connect with a song, she’s in it, every note of the way. Just listen to her sing.” 

Casey Copeland Credits Include

  • Cold – Casey Copeland Artist EP – Instrumentation / Vocals
  • Curious – Laurel Wilson Music – Piano
  • All That – 90’s Cover Band – Keyboards / Vocals
  • A New World Record – ELO Tribute Band – Keys/Violin/Vocals
Buzz is featuring Elizabeth Terrell and Casey Copeland as part of our continuing musician spotlight. Please checkout our June 2020 feature on Troy Hedspeth by visiting the BROTHERS website –  Make sure to catch the upcoming BUZZ feature on Elizabeth Joy Terrell!


Faithful Kate debut album, CLASSIC, to be released Spring 2021 on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and other stores & streaming services. Visit to follow and learn more.


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