Joe (Harmonica) Killinger at Fusion Buzz Studios

Joe (Harmonica) Killinger at Fusion Buzz Studios
Joe Killinger was kind enough to bring his harmonica to FusionBuzz studio and record some kickass harp tracks!
Cover Photo (above) by J. Nearhoff
Photo Credit Ciara Strictland Photography
Joe has played with Hampton roads based rockin’ country favorites Buckshot for five years. He’s always happy to play with other artists as much as possible.  Joe ~ “I need the variety of music to continue progressing, always learning”. Joe had no idea that he could play harmonica until he was 52. He bought one while on vacation in the Outer Banks out of boredom and thanks to a Van Morrison song in just the right key, he discovered he could play it a little right out of the box!  Joe~ ” I was encouraged and delighted to realize that despite being totally ignorant of music that I could actually make pretty sounding music.” Joe was back in the Outer Banks a year later playing with national act Drivin and Cryin for their last song of the night! They packed the house and blew the roof off the place.
“Joe will be featured on “Sippin Glass”, the debut release from the band BROTHERS in July 2019.  Just can’t thank you enough for your contribution Joe, nailed it!”
Joe ~ “I play on about 50 songs for Buckshot out of maybe a 200 song set list. I’m happy and lucky to have landed with such a talented bunch. I’ve managed to gather a few fans and clearly get huge crowd reactions to some of my solos. Now may be my time to shine! Charlie Austin, our fiddle player, recently relocated to the west coast leaving his parts to myself and our pedal steel player to cover. More fun!
I have only recently settled on my equipment. I no longer use the bullet mic and use a 58 on a stand instead. I’m going through a mixer then reverb pedal and finally the 1482 Silvertone amp loaded with a Celestion Gold speaker. Now I can cup my hands do wawa, rapid shake and so forth. Plus folks can see me play, way better!”
Joe Killinger draws influence and inspiration from Todd Parrott, Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson Band), Buddy Greene, and Joe Filisko to name just a few.

Joe Killinger’s harmonica sessions are part of a seven track project being released from FusionBuzz recording studio in Chesapeake Virginia. The recording studio is currently producing 2 singles to begin streaming in July 2019. Platforms include iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and other stores & streaming services.

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